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Five bedroom decorating tips for creating a calm s...

Five bedroom decorating tips for creating a calm sleep space from Pea

Pea Sleep

Founders of interiors brand Pea, Claire Quigley Ward and Paul Hicks, share five bedroom decorating tips that will make them want to go to the land of nod

At Pea we believe in the power of the imagination, which means we also believe in the power of sleep. Sleep is super important. Loads of vital things happen when children sleep, they grow, stay healthy, and creativity flourishes. That’s because when we dream, our brains connect unrelated ideas between things that didn’t seem connected before. This makes children better problem solvers and nurtures their imaginations for inventive thinking. The moments after we wake can be our most creative because our immediate post-sleep state mixes our waking thoughts with a dusting of dreamworld magic. So that means a child’s bedroom has to be a place to rest and to play. In time for the clocks going back this autumn, here’s our five top bedroom decorating tips for creating a good sleeping environment…

Bedroom decorating tips from Pea

1. Create a theme

When giving our bedroom decorating tips, we always say that it should be given the same care and attention you would when redoing an adult space in the home. It’s all about creating a room we would want to spend time in and be proud to show. Children’s bedrooms provide comfort and sanctuary.  A space of their own within the family home. So make it inspiring by allowing their personality to flourish through the chosen theme.

From Pea

2. Personalise it

Personalising a space provides a greater sense of ownership and control. Children should be able to express themselves through their bedroom decor with visual reminders of their interests to help positively develop their identity, just as we do. You know your child better than anyone so add personalised touches that make them feel happy and safe, such as their favourite colours and artwork that inspires them.

Bedroom Decorating Tips Pea

3. Make it zen

Children’s bedrooms often double as playrooms, but when it comes to bedtime it’s important to try and ensure there isn’t too much distraction. That means putting toys away at the end of the day to separate play and rest. By using clever storage, you can create a room that doesn’t overstimulate. It’s all about balance: a space that during their day allows their imaginations to run wild, but at night becomes restful.

Bedroom Decorating Tips Pea

4. Keep it calm and cosy

Colour stimulates mood, behaviour and learning. It can bring out the best in children, so the benefits of using colour in their bedrooms are huge. We recommend using neutral calming tones with playful accent colours to create that balance. And don’t forget the importance of good bedding. Fabric impacts body temperature and therefore how we sleep, so choose a high-quality cotton to help keep children cool and cosy at night.

Bedroom decorating tips from Pea

5. Inspire their imagination

Aim to create a rich environment for children to immerse themselves in pretend play.  A space they have the freedom to explore for themselves. A bedroom filled with inspiration to tell stories, bring their imaginations to life and colour their dreams. Bedtime deepens little imaginations before they fall asleep. So, we believe the bedding we tuck our children up in should feed their imaginations through the story that illustrates them.