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Interview: Alice in Scandiland

Interview Alice In Scandiland

Blogger Alice in Scandiland on setting up shop

Interview: Helen Baron

What precipitated your love of Scandinavian design?

I’m not sure it was ever a conscious choice to follow a certain style, more that elements crept in, through my love of natural materials, neutral tones and attention to detail with furniture. Living in Cornwall, bringing up children here, the same place I spent my childhood, we are very connected to the outside, in all elements and this influence and appreciation for nature echoes in our home also.

How long have you lived in your current home and as an interiors blogger and shop owner, what was your approach to the interior decor?

I moved into our home 14 or so years ago, at the time it was my now husband’s house, which he lived in, with two friends as lodgers. In the early years I wasn’t really that interested in the décor, it very much felt like his house/his style. But as time went on I started to become an influence and now it’s pretty much all me. My approach has always been finding ways to create the feeling of more space and less clutter.

Interview Alice In Scandiland

What was the toughest thing about renovating – or is it mostly fun, being able to employ your expertise?

My husband does not share my need for change, if he had his own way things would probably be exactly the same as they were before I moved in. If it functions, it’s fine. I, however, am a serial changer. So I would say the hardest thing has been not having someone completely onboard. This said, it does keep me and my ideas in check I suppose!

What was your vision for the children’s bedrooms?

I wanted to create spaces that could easily adapt and change as the girls get older. One of the rooms is absolutely tiny, so fitting a bed, wardrobe and shelving/ toy storage was a real challenge, but by making and customising the furniture we have managed to achieve all this in a room no bigger than 6.5ft x 5ft.

For Nancy’s room I wanted to give her a place to escape to, somewhere calming, neutral and light. I’ve used certain pieces from my shop which she loves and the 2 full walls of pegrails means the look can be changed easily by adding/ removing details.

Interview Alice In Scandiland

What do you love most about the house? (I read about yours being one of 9 set around a square, so the children can play out – how ideal!)

Yes, I love that the children get to play outside, with the neighbours children and I don’t have to be watching them every minute of the day. They experience a level of freedom that is quite often not possible these days, I wouldn’t change that for the world right now.

I think the light in our home is also another thing that really makes it. It floods in, all day and from the glass extension at the back we get absolutely beautiful sunset skies.

Is your home full of Alice in Scandiland products?

Ha! Ha! Yes, I am so naughty and can’t help myself. When something new arrives invariable at least one sneaks into my bag and comes home with me. But, that’s also kind of the whole point of the shop. I only stock items I would or do already have in my home.

What changes have you seen in the world of interiors?

I absolutely love that the attention is coming back around to handmade crafts and an investment in the time and skills of clever makers. The personality of an interior comes from the objects within, you don’t need many, but those that you do choose should earn their place.


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