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Interview: Louise Pentland, vlogger and author

Interview: Louise Pentland, vlogger and author

Interview Louise Pentland

Absolutely Mama meets Louise Pentland, YouTube vlogger, best-selling author and Insta Mama to talk about her new podcast Mothers Meeting...

We interview Louise Pentland, to talk about all things motherhood, being an influencer, author and launching a new podcast.

Tell us about Mothers’ Meeting. What’s it all about?

Mothers’ Meeting is a fun, uplifting podcast featuring both social media and traditional celebrity mums discussing the highs and lows (and everything in between) of parenting! We go off piste a lot!

Each episode has two celebrity guests. Who has been the most interesting so far?

It’s very hard to choose because everyone has a journey and a story to tell, but I loved talking to Siobhan from The Positive Birth Company. She recognised that many women can’t afford hypnobirthing classes (often hundreds of pounds) and so launched a ‘digital pack’ where she put the entire course online to buy for about £40, and she’s absolutely smashed it! She’s so passionate about women feeling like utter goddesses, so knowledgeable, I just loved having her on the podcast!

Were there particular parenting issues that were really important to you to discuss?

I’m always really keen to get across the message that we’re all muddling through together. Doesn’t matter if you’re a popstar or not, motherhood is a great leveller.

You’re a super-mama with a hugely successful YouTube channel and a trilogy of bestselling books. How have you managed to make time for a new project?

I’m excessively keen – I can always make room for something if it sounds fun! I’ve always wanted to give a podcast a go so I jumped at this chance and I’m so glad I did!

Interview Louise Pentland

You were crowned the nation’s favourite ‘mumfluencer’ earlier last year. What are the best and worst things about being an influencer?

There are definitely more good things than bad, so it’s hard to choose the best, but I’m going to say the unique experiences I’ve been able to have. Like hosting book signings and meeting the people who read my work, having women I’ve admired for years in the podcast recording studio or taking my children to amazing events.

The worst side is that you are judged constantly. You can be the juiciest peach in the bowl but there’ll always be someone who doesn’t like peaches.

What do your daughters think of your success?

I don’t think they consider what I’ve done in terms of success yet, but I know Darcy thinks it’s really ‘cool’. Pearl currently only cares about two things – Peppa Pig and ‘bizgits’, so I’ll have to get back to you on that!

And finally, what are the best and worst bits about being a mum?

Again, more good than bad. Best bits are watching them grow, learn and bloom. Worst bits are always feeling tired, poosplosions and finding rogue bits of Lol Doll in your bed at 3am!

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