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We Love: The BB Hug me Pregnancy Pillow

We Love: The BB Hug me Pregnancy Pillow

bbhugme pillow review

Forget all other pregnancy pillows.

This is THE pregnancy pillow

Words Helen Baron

The ultimate pregnancy pillow has arrived. Forget about all other pregnancy pillows: this is the one you want. I’m reclining on it as I type.

Developed by three female chiropractors in Norway, the BBhugme was born of a chiropractic need to position pregnant patients on their bellies for back examinations. Too many women suffer from severe back and pelvic girdle pain during pregnancy (with the pain continuing postpartum in the worst case scenario). And after a few months it becomes increasingly difficult to lie on your tummy, even if you want to!

The BB alleviates these problems. It’s made of natural, soft and eco-friendly materials (mainly bamboo and silicon-free pebbles), which give it a beanbaglike quality; unlike other pregnancy pillows, it moulds to the shape of your body, easing pressure on the belly, pelvis, lower back and legs.

And because it allows you to sleep on your stomach, you’re not limited to constant side-sleeping, which can cause shoulder tension and help you get a little more rest at night.

Delivered in a cool carrying-bag, the BBhugme consists of pillow, sleeve and two pebbles.  And mamas can continue to use it as a nursing pillow once baby is born, reducing the development of nursing neck or shoulder pain – and it even works as a comfortable seating ring for older babies learning to sit up.

This pillow is a 3-in-1 product that’s worth every penny – we can highly recommend it!

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