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Create space with Lumino Bathroom Mirrors

Create space with Lumino Bathroom Mirrors

Lumino Bathroom Mirrors

Maximise your interiors and create a space suitable for all the family with Lumino Bathroom Mirrors

Bathrooms need to be everything to everyone – a practical and useful space that the whole family can use as well as a pleasant and relaxing environment so tired parents can unwind in a hot bubble bath once the little monsters are safely tucked up in bed. And this all needs to be done in what often can be one of the smallest rooms in the house – so Lumino Bathroom Mirrors are here to help!

Colouring in

A great way to give the illusion of space in a bathroom is by using soft colours on the walls and floors of your bathroom. You can then add splashes of colour with your bathroom accessories. Towels are an interesting way of introducing bold colours into your bathroom without getting a migraine. Why not give each family member their own towel, so everyone has their own towel in a different shade of your chosen colour, it looks fantastic and you will always know whose towel has been left wet and crumpled on the bathroom floor.

Lumino Bathroom Mirrors
Lumino Bathroom Mirrors
Mirror, mirror on the wall

Mirrors are not only practical essentials in a bathroom but the right mirror can give the room a sense of space. Used wisely a mirror hung opposite a window can create the illusion of additional space by reflecting natural light and whatever scenery you have outside. In bathrooms which do not benefit from a window to the outdoors you may want to consider a bathroom mirror with built-in LED lights, these mirrors serve a dual purpose; brightening up the room whilst also making it easier to do your make up or shave!

Storage solutions

All family bathrooms have one thing in common – an abundance of stuff. Whether that is everyday bathroom essentials, an entire Fisher Price bath toy department or the various accoutrements that are deposited after a teenage tornado has swept through. It all needs to go somewhere!

Often the best way to create storage in a small space is combining two items – kill two birds with one stone so to speak! Cabinet mirrors are a brilliant idea – you get shelves of storage and the all essential mirror, whilst taking up minimum wall space. Or you could create your own vanity sink by cutting a hole in the table top of an old dresser for your sink to sit in – thus creating tonnes of extra storage space without taking up that much extra room.

For storing the all-important bathroom toys (woe betide any bath-time that doesn’t involve at least 20 of these) why not use a hanging fruit basket to store everything. You can suspend it from the shower curtain rail, creating space from thin air, not even needing a wall to take over.

Finally, de-clutter and organise. Throw away all the bathroom products that are on their last legs and ensure that the survivors each have their designated place. Wicker baskets are a great place to store them, they can be stacked so they take up very little space but are also easily accessible.


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