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Most Eco-Friendly/Sustainable Brand or Product: Po...

Most Eco-Friendly/Sustainable Brand or Product: Pop My Way

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Most Eco-Friendly Brand: Pop My Way

Pop My Way is a GOTS-certified organic pima cotton brand with unique mix-and-match design features. We take responsibility for the environment and for our children, which means taking organic production seriously. Our range is produced in a registered GOTS-certified factory and everything is sustainable – from the harvesting of our cotton, through to our packaging.

Add a pop of colour and versatility to babywear by simply picking a base garment and using poppers to attach one of several interchangeable accessories to it: from a bow tie or Peter Pan collar to a bib, dummy strap or a pair of socks.

Sustainability is a huge focus at the moment, however, it is important to understand that being sustainable goes far beyond organic fabrics. A company’s entire production process needs to be looked at from start to finish to get the full picture.

Unlike other brands who claim to be ‘sustainable’ just by using organic fabrics, Pop My Way’s whole supply chain is fully certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), so everything from energy and water use, to hazardous chemicals/use of non chemical dyes, to the social responsibility and wages the factory workers get paid is monitored and audited regularly. Our factory in Peru is GOTS-certified by Control Union (Licence No 866191). This license number is extremely important as we cannot claim to be GOTS-certified without it.

The Pop My Way collection is designed for babies aged 0-18m and is made using organic pima cotton, which is grown naturally and sustainably in Peru. Pima cotton is the finest cotton on the market and is luxurious, exceptionally soft, durable, and highly resistant to pilling, making it the perfect fabric for baby clothing, while also ensuring garments stand the test of time so they can be passed down. Environmentally friendly hand-harvesting of pima cotton means that the fibres dye beautifully and are free from impurities. This type of cotton is also hypo-allergenic and perfect for sensitive skin.

Each item comes with resilient poppers, so accessories can be quickly and securely layered onto the zippered sleepsuits, bodysuits, cardigans and trousers, creating a never-ending array of mix-and-match outfit choices from just a few simple items. In the event of a baby spill, simply whip off the collar and replace it with another one and a lost sock is a thing of the past thanks to the ankle poppers on the trousers!