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The New Baby Checklist with Emi Ozmen-Prendergast

The New Baby Checklist with Emi Ozmen-Prendergast

Emi Ozmen-Prendergast, Instagram influencer and mother of one half of child vloggers Silver and Lux, shares her experiences with pregnancy the second time around

Interview  Helen Baron

What did you enjoy most about being pregnant this time? Was the experience different with your new baby?

Emi Ozmen-Prendergast: I had a totally different experience this time round. It took us a long time to get pregnant with Silver; I am a worrier anyway so was just in a state of constant fear with Silver’s pregnancy. I was determined to enjoy it the second time round. Even with awful sickness for months and a two year old to run round after, I really enjoyed being pregnant with Spike. I’m not one of those people who doesn’t look pregnant – I had a comedy size bump with both of my babies which I loved (always wearing inappropriate clothing that showed it off!)

How are you finding being a mum of two – is it a game-changer?

EO: It’s definitely twice the love but twice the tiredness! Those moments when they’re both screaming and you have to laugh or you’d cry too! My husband is a musician and has just been on a 6 week tour of America. Being alone with a newborn and a toddler and juggling a business from home has definitely tested every fibre of my patience at times but it’s also shown me I can do anything now. I feel like I say “be gentle” to Silver about 40 times a day and just when I think she’s been too rough I look over and Spike is staring and grinning adoringly at her, so I think I need to learn to leave them to it!

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Any advice to share about pregnancy?

EO: Salt and vinegar Walkers crisps if you get sickness! San Peregrino if you crave the fizz. Go to the cinema, have dinner out and sleep as much as you can if it’s your first. Involve the other children in the process of it’s not your first (what size fruit is the baby today, how much have they grown this week). Invest in big brother and sister books and a present that the new baby brings home for the older sibling.

And what’s an important piece of advice for new mums?

EO: Keep a sense of humour wherever possible. Each awful phase passes so quickly. After three months you’ll see through the fog. Don’t compare your baby to others. Cry. Stare at them constantly. Take videos. Get ready as soon as you wake up, then you’re ready for anything. Ignore routine, just feed them. And Ignore everyone’s advice!

What’s the best way to connect with other new mums? Did you feel a need to do this second time around?

EO: I hated the baby groups but it’s like dating; you lock eyes with a ‘normal’ over the room then steal them from the group and never have to go back! I found dads were unwelcome at these groups which was why we set up Madlife, because when my husband was at home he would want to hang out with us too.

We do events for the whole family – it’s anything but ‘sit and have a coffee and moan about parenting.’ It’s about still being able to hang out with the same people you did before, it’s just a bit different with kids – but still amazing and fun. My husband and I definitely laugh a million times more than we did pre-Silver and Spike!! When they’re bigger the park, the soft play, the library are all perfect places for when you just need to leave the house and have a chat with some other parents. With Spike it’s been different because life still revolves around taking Silver to preschool, ballet, drama etc, but luckily lots of the friends we made first time around are on their second or third so he has an automatic group of little mates ready for him!



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