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How to choose a stroller to fit in with your style

How to choose a stroller to fit in with your style

Junior Jones J Carbon Stroller Seat Unit Forward Facing Frost Grey Min

One of the biggest purchases you’ll make as a parent is your stroller or pram, so getting it right the first time is serious stuff. Many mamas will confess to getting bored of their original pram or admit that they wish they had bought one that suited their needs better. However, upgrading a pram is costly – so it can pay off (literally!) to do your research before you invest.

The most important things to consider are your lifestyle and whether the pram or stroller you’ve chosen is something you’ll be happy to push for several years. If you live in the city, a travel system that is light and folds easily will be your best option, or indeed a more compact stroller which is suitable from birth. But if you’ll be navigating off-road terrain you’ll need good all-round suspension and sturdy, puncture-resistant wheels. Make sure it fits in your car boot too! When it comes to finding a pram or stroller that suits your style, here are the things we recommend looking out for…


We’d definitely suggest choosing something that tones in with your wardrobe (not your baby’s!). A bright pink pram might seem like a good idea after your gender scan, but it’s you that’s got to push it. Darker tones like black, grey and navy are practical (think spillages and general dirt), but there’s lots of cool options if you like colour and print. Luxury stroller brand JUNIORJONES has one of our favourite ranges of ‘style’ colours – with more interesting shades such as ‘Bombay Rust’ and ‘Persian Red’. You could also look out for limited edition collaborations as sometimes brands will work with a fashion designer to create something unique.


Take a close look at the fabric, stitching and finishing touches before you invest. Good stroller design incorporates comfort and functionality, but you’ll also be able to see the quality in the workmanship. Leatherette trims are popular at the moment and we’re seeing them pop up everywhere. Also there’s lots of different fabric options out there – from herringbone tweed to sporty mesh. If you like minimal design, go for something that looks sleek. Our pick would be the JUNIORJONES J-CARBON. The frame is precision engineered from carbon fibre, making it not only durable and easy to handle but also one of the most elegant strollers on the market. The craftsmanship is really beautiful as well. The brand’s J-SPIRIT stroller is also a great option for stylish mamas. It has many of the same features as the J-CARBON but is positioned at a more affordable price point.


This is the fun bit. The extras can really make your stroller feel unique to you, so go with a brand that gives you lots of options for coordinating accessories. If you want something truly bespoke though, the J-CARBON from JUNIORJONES is fully customisable. They have a clever online configurator so you can choose from a range of wheels, back panels, fabrics and bumper bars to help you to style your very own unique, ultimate stroller. Accessories can also be the answer if you do get bored of your stroller. Less expensive than buying a whole new chassis, switch it up by adding a colourful seat liner, a cute pram toy or a changing bag in a new shade.