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Wall Stories: Villa Nova creates interiors inspire...

Wall Stories: Villa Nova creates interiors inspired by children’s books


Villa Nova has collaborated with three children’s book illustrators for a beautiful new range of fabrics and wallpapers. Absolutely Mama takes a look ...

Inspired by childhood memories of whimsical storybooks brought to life by captivating illustrations, Villa Nova has collaborated with three talented children’s picture-book illustrators: Frann Preston-Gannon, Christopher Corr and Yuval Zommer. The idea is to recreate the joy of children’s books in an enchanting collection of fun fabrics, wall-coverings and accessories, all of them bursting with wondrous creatures and scenes from faraway places. Dazzlingly colourful, the illustrations are so detailed they’re sure to be a source of constant intrigue.
Christopher Corr’s work is about joy, colour and a love of life. He takes inspiration from his travels to India, North Africa and the US, and his work reflects his love of cities – particularly those places where old meets new in vibrant and surprising ways. Corr creates astounding imagery of crazy, complex cityscapes, working in gouache and painting on handmade paper as though using a pen.



About Zommer:

Yuval Zommer graduated from London’s Royal College of Art with an MA in Illustration. After working as a creative director at a leading advertising agency, his passion for picture-books triumphed; he is now the author and illustrator of several highly acclaimed children’s books. Yuval’s non-fiction titles include: The Big Book of Bugs, The Big Book of Beasts and the most recent addition to the series, The Big Book of the Blue. Yuval’s fiction picture-books include One Hundred Bones, One Hundred Sausages and The Street Beneath My Feet. His designs for Villa Nova possess the same sense of wonder and wildness as his children’s books.




About Preton-Gannon:

Frann Preston-Gannon is a London-based illustrator and designer. Her first picture-book, The Journey Home, was published in October 2012 and was shortlisted for both the Waterstones Children’s Prize and the Cambridgeshire “Read it Again” Book Prize. Frann’s books include I Am the Seed That Grew the Tree; Pepper and Poe; What a Hoot!; Sloth Slept On; Deep Deep Sea; Hot Dog, Cold Dog; Dinosaur Beach; How to Lose a Lemur; and Dinosaur Farm. It’s a dynamic and diverse oeuvre, and one that points toward the splendour, character and charm of the artist’s collaboration with Villa Nova.