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New designs for gorgeous reusable nappies

New designs for gorgeous reusable nappies

New Resuable Nappies

They’re good for the environment, and great for baby. Check out these latest designs from Bambino Mio

Words Holly Kirkwood

The reusable nappy experts Bambino Mio have announced the launch of the dream traveller collection which offers a range of nappies and accessories, all of which have been inspired by the imaginative world of dreamland.

Thsi range offers an environmentally-friendly alternative to disposable nappies – eight million of which are thrown away every single day. Disposables can take as long as 500 years to decompose so anything we can do to cut down on this number is enormously helpful to the environment – these resuable nappies also use super-absorbent fabrics rather than the chemical gels found in disposable nappies, so using them, even a few a week, can be better for your baby too.

A lot of mums imagine that they don’t have time or energy to try reusable nappies, but Bambino Mio try to make it as easy as possible for families to make the switch, even for part of their day.

Five new designs – sky ride, cloud nine, sweet dreams, starry night and sail away – are available in their two-piece nappy, and their reusable nappy bags as well as the much-loved miosolo all-in-one, which is designed to be as easy to use as any disposable nappy with adjustable poppers, velcro style fastenings and a super absorbent fabric core.

It’s simple to wash and quick to dry with a unique pull out tab system; the two-piece nappy features a cotton nappy and a plush stretchy lightweight nappy cover. Finally with their fold, roll and clip closure, the Bambino Mio wet nappy bags are the perfect solution for reusable nappies at home or transporting wet nappies, clothes and swimwear when out and about.

The aim is for the company to continue their mission to offer eco-chic products to parents online at, or from high street staples including Mothercare.

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